Do you want to feel calm and confident about birth?

The Hypnobirthing Birth Preparation Programme

Are you pregnant and feeling anxious about the birth?

Perhaps, this is your first pregnancy and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of info, options and choices or even finding it difficult to navigate through the maternity system. 

Or, maybe this might be your second (or subsequent!) pregnancy and you want to plan and prepare differently this time.

Imagine having the tools and knowledge so you can feel calm and confident about birth, enjoy a more relaxed pregnancy and feel ready for motherhood.

How do you feel now?

By the end of our sessions together you’ll be feeling empowered and confident so that you can enjoy a calmer pregnancy and feel excited about the birth of your baby (or babies!).
your tools for a calm and confident birth

I’ve wrapped up all the knowledge gained over eight years of experience as a birth and postnatal doula, and five as a hypnobirthing instructor. 

Having accompanied over 100 families as a hypnobirthing instructor and as a doula in the different stages of their motherhood and parenthood journeys, has given me practical knowledge on:

Both yourself and your birth partner will be fully equipped with numerous tools and techniques to relax and navigate your birth confidently.

It’s a 10h programme which can be delivered via Zoom or face to face if you’re local to me.

It’s usually spread over 4x 2.5h long sessions, in which we will finish with a guided relaxation which aims to kick start your practice.

Below, you will see the usual structure of the sessions:

Session 1

The mind-body connection

This is key to understand why hypnobirthing tools and creating a calm and confident mindset about childbirth, is crucial

Session 2

The calm and confidence toolkit

In this session, we’ll spend our time practicing and looking into different ways you can fit these practices in your daily life

Session 3

Letting go the unhelpful beliefs

You may have certain worries or fears around childbirth, that are not letting you fully enjoy your pregnancy. Let’s let them go

Session 3

The path to labour and birth

Information is power and building realistic expectatives is important, so we’ll be talking about labour and birth, scenarios and how to apply the tools

If anything though the hypnobirthing helped us to feel more empowered to make our own choices, stay at home and remain calm

What will I learn?

... and much more!

By booking this workshop with me
you'll get

10 hours of one-to-one bespoke teaching sessions

I will always tailor the contents to your needs, ensuring you get all the info and resources and that there’s time for you to make all your questions.

Guided relaxation MP3s

A general relaxation mp3, alongside a fear release and birth rehearsal is a great bundle to get you working in your mindset.

Ongoing support via email/phone until the birth of your baby ​​

Many times after the session, questions can come up. Sometimes, it can also happen that something comes up and your plan needs to change, so I can help you with that too.

The hypnobirthing manual

Aka the workshop notes: all the information and accompanying resources so that you don’t need to be taking notes on the day, but fully engaging with the activities and exercises that I will share with you.

The investment for this complete birth preparation is £350, all materials and resources included. If you want to add some mindful breastfeeding and/or postnatal planning, I’ll happily build a package for you

We did a hypnobirthing course with Nuria and found the information and tools really helpful to prepare ourselves for birth. I found her to be a great listener and provided us individualised care and support, which helped me to feel calmer and more confident. I could look at labour and birth without fears and in a much more positive way. I am truly grateful for her dedication and I highly recommend her services to everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we start with guided relaxations, we’ll talk about the logic behind it, so you understand how the process works and feel reassured. We can start with shorter relaxations that will give you a hindsight on whether relaxations are for you. In any case, there’s much more than guided relaxations, so you’ll still benefit from other tools and techniques and knowledge on birth!

That’s a very common situation! I love welcoming skeptic birth partners, and watch their transformation into passionate advocates of hypnobirthing. Because, we’ll explore the logic behind it, which is pure science, everything makes perfect sense. Plus, they’ll still get lots of other practical tools and ideas on how to support you best on the day.

Absolutely! No matter where you plan to give birth, this course will give you lots of info on birth and knowledge on different scenarios you may come across. And, as said, a very varied set of techniques to be able to relax, no matter where you are.

Because both yourself and your birth partner will be equipped with birth knowledge and tools to relax, it can make a huge difference to your experience. Besides, as the programme is totally bespoke to you, we can deepen more on induction and I can help you tailor your birth plan for your case.

Anytime really. There’s no right or wrong answer here. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to practice. Because, practice is key! But, it can still help you if you’re quite far in your pregnancy, as long as you commit to regular practice.

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